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TwitchTwitch Productions offers a wide variety of events, projects and concepts for the public to attend or for film production.
It started in the year 2008 with Long Island's first Horrific-Comical Zombie Musical Theatre Show, “The Living Dead Mafia”, written and directed by Elsie Martinez-Ginsberg. 
In February of 2009, the Living Dead Mafia's Alternative Rock Band (The LDM Band), was born. The Band consisted of a few key players, The AdMan/Salvatore Rizzo (Adam Ginsberg) who will make the ladies swoon over his face melting guitar solos, B-Nobez/Charlie Bones (Brendan Noble) who provided soothing sounds from the keyboards, Dr. Fingers (Robert Frankenberg) who banged the drums as if he were marching off to war, Damien (Damien Zuccarelli) who played such a smooth bass that the ladies went wild, and LC Macabre/The Warrior Witch (Elsie Martinez- Ginsberg) whose vocals have been said to cast spells. 

2008-2009 brought three large haunts to Long Island courtesy of TwitchTwitch Productions. The first was the "Frightmare" haunted house out in Mastic, NY. Then at the Mills Pond House in St. James the team built and managed a 5,000 square foot haunted maze, while just a few towns away at the Country Fair Park, the other half of the company built and managed an 80,000 Sq. foot trail known as The Living Dead Mafia’s Path to Purgatory.

In 2010, TwitchTwitch Productions decided to revive "The Living Dead Mafia" which was performed during the October month at The Mills Pond House in Saint James. Added to that they produced a play written by an up and coming Long Island writer (Greg Cioffi), called Qualia: Origins of the Undead, which was also performed at the Mills Pond House. The TwitchTwitch Productions crew had so much fun that they decided to put together the first ever zombie talk / variety show called “Even Later With Salvatore Rizzo”, which was organized by Adam Ginsberg and Brendan Noble. The show featured a revival of classic Carson, Letterman, and Conan O’Brien skits, all done with a unique, undead comedic twist. 
In preparation for a busy 2011 season, TwitchTwitch Productions teamed up with a local advertising company called Long Island Mobile Billboards. This partnership was seen at many festivals across Long Island such as Alive After Five and The Great South Bay Music Festival.
TwitchTwitch Productions also formed yet another new partnership with Island Cinemas of Mastic, NY in 2011. TwitchTwitch Productions brought horror to a new level of entertainment by combining live theatrics to horror movie classics during their Double Feature Horror Nights at Island Cinemas. This 5d experience was received so well by it's weekly audiences that Horror Nights returned for a couple of years. 

In addition to the Horror Nights, TwitchTwitch Productions produced two short films directed by Elsie Martinez-Ginsberg that were shown on the big screen during the Horror Nights. One was a short film about Salvatore Rizzo, the Deadfather. The other was a documentary about what goes on behind the scenes at TwitchTwitch Productions.
The year of 2012 opened with The Macabre Faire presents The Dark Twisted Forest at the Best Western Mill River Manor of Rockville Centre followed by the Macabre Faire Film Festival in July which today has been dubbed "Sundance with Fangs" by the LI Explorer Newsday. 

For 2014 TwitchTwitch Productions teamed up with Frank Patz, creator of "Eternal Con" to present the "NY Horror Show" while hosting the Macabre Faire Film Festival since 2012 for yet another successful year.

As if that was not enough TwitchTwitch Productions brought the public yet 2 more events; Haunt-Faire "The Convention For All Things Haunted" and Immortal Con "The Convention For A Cause" which also acts as a fundraiser in 2015. All donations made at Immortal Con get presented to the Carol Baldwin Cancer Center in the form of gift cards that get handed directly to patients.

For the year 2016 TwitchTwitch Productions had a full schedule with organizing the Macabre Faire Film Festival in January during every Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, Haunt-Faire and it's first Haunted Tours Bus Experience as well as Immortal Con. In addition to all these events is the special engagement organized by Elsie Martinez-Ginsberg on behalf of Victoria Price; daughter to the legendary Master of Menace... Vincent Price. An intimate evening with the person who loved and knew Mr. Price best to share his visions.

So there you have it, TwitchTwitch Productions covers everything from Theatre Shows, Haunted Houses, Rock Bands, Podcasts, Acoustic Comedy, Horror Nights, Conventions, Films & more!

Be sure to enjoy one or all of the creative productions TwitchTwitch Productions has to offer. You won't regret it.