First Time EVER Speaking Engagement on Long Island, NY

On Wednesday, November 13, 1974 Ronald "Butch" DeFeo Jr shot his parents, 2 brothers and 2 sisters in the now well-known "Amityville House". It was 13 months later the "Lutz" family moved into the house on December 18, 1975 when Christopher was just 7 years old. Within 28 days the family fled the house on January 13, 1976 and since then their story has been seen and heard through several documentaries and film adaptations with the "Amityville Horror House" film being the scariest one of them all. BUT...there is a completely different story you haven't heard. What the public was NOT told was of George Lutz' involvement with the Occult and how that sparked the family's problems within the Amityville House and afterwards. Christopher, George's stepson, was witness to it and will be joining us on March 4-5 to share his story.

Is the story of the "Amityville Horror House" really the TRUE SCARY one the film depicts it to be? Or is the story actually a whole lot scarier than what you know? For the first time, here on Long Island, we will hear the story as only a "Lutz" can tell it.

​Auditorium Panel: Sunday, March 5 at 4:30pm

Hailing from New York, DISCIPLINE THEORY mixes elements of metal, industrial & synth rock into a cohesive Heavy Rock sound that’s aggressive & sometimes danceable. Not linked to one specific genre, and often categorized as Metal, the band music falls into the realms of Heavy Rock, Goth Rock, and Industrial. The band has open up for national acts such as Death Valley High, Dellacoma, One eyed Doll, The Genitorturers & The Dreaming.

Auditorium Performance: Saturday, March 4 at 4:45pm

​​Chris Di Cesare 
"The Ghost Boy of Geneseo”
As a young college student, Chris Di Cesare's view of life was forever changed by a series of horrifying events in and around his dorm room: C2D1 at SUNY Geneseo. From early February through late April of 1985, he and his college friends endured what is now referred to as 'The C2D1 Haunting'.  Apparitions sighted, disembodied voices heard, moving objects witnessed and frightening physical attacks all became part of the ordeal suffered by Chris - who quickly became the focal point of the haunting - and several of his college classmates.  Long suppressed by the participants themselves, the extreme haunting eventually moved into the realm of ‘urban legend’.

An accomplished lecturer who recently appeared on Coast to Coast AM, Di Cesare has released his memoir, Surviving Evidence, (Dark Moon Press) which became an Amazon best seller, and offers a compelling first-hand accounting of the infamous extreme haunting from the person who found himself at its center … and survived it.

Auditorium Discussion: Sunday, March 5 at 3:45pm

Victoria Price

It is our pleasure to announce Victoria Price will be joining us all for the weekend at the Bizarre Haunted Flea Market March 4-5!
"Master of Menace" Vincent Price remains one of the most beloved actors of his generation and an icon of classic horror. His daughter, Victoria — a self-professed Daddy’s Girl — has carried on his legacy through her own career as a public speaker and author. During this weekend with Victoria, she will share her memories of growing up “Hollywood and Horror Royalty” as the child of a man who deeply loved his work, his fans, and being of service to the human race. She will reflect not only on his lengthy career, but also his philanthropic and cultural contributions to the arts in America.
Don't miss your opportunity to experience the kind spirit that is Victoria Price and enjoy her presentation in the OBVR Auditorium. She will be signing and selling her books & more.

Auditorium Presentation: Saturday, March 4 at 3:15pm "Master of Menace"

Auditorium Presentation: Sunday, March 5 at 2:00pm "Explore-Savor-Celebrate"

Guests & Events

The Haunted History of the North East Paranormal Society

N.E.P.S. has a real-life history with the paranormal. Their presentation will consist of their personal hauntings that involves the last 39 years of their family’s haunted life, as well as their documented collection of private and public investigations for the last 12 years. This presentation will contain real recorded evidence for the audience.

Auditorium Panel: Sunday, March 5 at 11:00am

Auditorium Panel w/N.E.P.S. "UFO/Alien Abduction -vs- Paranormal Experiences" Sunday, March 5 at 12:30pm

Thom Reed

A New York native is the son of DR Howard Reed a Politician and Attorney born and raised in Patchogue Long Island. Thom’s Grandmother Marian, an investment banker in Bellport. Thom also worked in Hauppauge as Nationals Accounts Manager for Sentry Technology/Knogo North America. Although raised in New England his family’s origin, Long Island and Hollis Queens NY.

The Reed Family incident made United States History becoming the 1st UFO related case to be officially inducted into State History as historically significant and true. On November 3rd 2015 Governor Charles D. Baker signed and issued a citation formally inducting the Reed encounter into Massachusetts State History.

Following a polygraph exam and archives by historians that confirmed the incident had altered the national progression of the area, the incident was publicly inducted. This decision was celebrated by the unveiling of a 5000 pound monument with live coverage by ABC News NY. The incident and records are now rightfully part of the Great Barrington Historical Society's collection. The incident of September 1st 1969 made news on Gt Barrington's WSBS Radio, when the station became flooded with calls. The Reed’s encountered this object while exiting the Sheffield Bridge along the Housatonic River. The Reed Family incident was selected as the launch for Discover Channel's Alien Mysteries and later an episode of New England Legends and Uncovering Aliens.

Thomas E. Reed is sole founder of Florida’s European Print Fashion Agency, Miami Models (South Beach) best known for Children's Print Fashion and Runway.

Auditorium Screening: New England Legends w/ Thom Reed Film (13 mins) - Saturday, March 4 at 2:45pm

Auditorium Screening: Alien Mysteries w/ Thom Reed (54 mins) - Saturday, March 4 at 5:30pm

Auditorium Discussion w/ Thom Reed: Saturday, March 4 at 6:30pm

Auditorium Panel w/Thom Reed "UFO/Alien Abduction -vs- Paranormal Experiences" Sunday, March 5 at 12:30pm

Travis Walton

Those who saw the film "Fire in the Sky" know the story of Travis Walton and we're absolutely delighted to announce that "THE REAL" Travis Walton will be joining us at your Bizarre Haunted Flea Market on March 4-5! 

Travis Walton has said that on November 5, 1975 he was working with a lumbering crew in the Sitgreaves National Forest near Snowflake, Arizona. While riding in a truck with six of hiscoworkers, they encountered a saucer-shaped object hovering over the ground approximately 110 feet away, making a high-pitched buzz. Walton claims he left the truck and approached it, when a beam of light suddenly appeared from the craft, knocking him to the ground. The other six men were frightened and drove away. Walton says that he awoke in a hospital-like room, being observed by three short, bald creatures. When they left, a person entered the room wearing some sort of helmet and led Walton to another room, where three more people put a clear plastic mask over his face and he blacked out. Walton has also said, he remembers nothing else until he found himself walking along a highway, with the flying saucer departing above him. 

We don't know about you but we're REALLY looking forward to sitting down and listening to what Travis Walton has to person! This is a very rare treat! There will be limited Photo-Op's available with Travis posting soon to the website. Meantime, get your full day/access tickets quick to join us in the auditorium for this special panel! This panel is only available to full day pass holders.

Auditorium "Fire In the Sky" Movie Screening : Saturday, March 4 at 11:00am

Auditorium Discussion w/ Travis Walton: Saturday, March 4 at 1:00pm

Auditorium Panel w/Travis Walton "UFO/Alien Abduction -vs- Paranormal Experiences" Sunday, March 5 at 12:30pm