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North East Paranormal Society 

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Traumatized by a tragic accident at the wizardry school where he is a student, Tvrdik retreats to the solitude of the ancient forest. But his fragile peace is shattered when his old Master shows up to recruit him for a classic battle of good and evil. Tvrdik may be the only person who can tip the balance, and the stakes are frighteningly high.

With over 30 years of performance experience, Tribal Dance Long Island is the ultimate in Cultural Art Experience. With everything from Professional Tribal Belly Dancers for joyful celebration at your personal event or learn the art yourself at various classes, we have the experience for you. Hire a Troupe or have a Caravan Experience Party with dance demonstrations, live music and henna tattoos, the choice is yours and the adventure awaits.

The Golden Web

*Paper Doll Vintage Boutique*

He is the purveyor of sin. Your sins make him stronger. He lurks under your bed. He can smell your sinning. Now meet him in the flesh at this Bizarre Market. He will be signing autographs and offering photo-ops both Saturday & Sunday.

Be sure to visit his booth as he will have Rosaries, Candles, Unholy Water Vases, and more.

Watch Me Craft

April Leonie Lindevald - Author

Qumran Taj - Keys Of Power

LIPI, the longest in-operation paranormal investigation team on Long Island, is a not-for-profit group dedicated to helping people understand and cope with paranormal activity by utilizing objective scientific investigation methods and research. 

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Long Island Paranormal Investigators

Krystal was able to see and communicate with those who have crossed over, but at nine years old,  a near-death experience thrust her head-first into a world that would make her realize that we really aren't alone. Visions became clearer and made more sense, but she kept her gift a secret until her late teens, when she made the decision to embrace not only the gift she had been given, but in her familial heritage of Magick, becoming a 10th generation natural witch. *Be sure to stop at her table early in the game as she does stay busy all day for readings.*

River's Trinkets

Vendor Waiting List Has Begun Since August 1st! Proceed to the green button below to fill out application. Remember, another Bizarre Flea Market event takes place on March 3-4, 2018. We strongly suggest you fill out your waiting list application as we will review those for next year too once we've approved 60% of our returning vendors. This allows for the mix of vendors to stay fresh for customers each time and remain successful. Thanks everyone.

For readers: this is the kind of book that will bring new mysteries into your life and make you question the fabric of reality. You’ll likely come back to it multiple times and find new meanings in certain passages and discover new phrases that resonate with you each time.

Horror Persona:  Father Evil

Ohana Creative

Tribal Dance Long Island

One of the leading paranormal research teams in Albany, NY and the surrounding Capital Region areas. They have dedicated themselves to exploring the paranormal for the last twelve years, helping families who feel they are experiencing unexplained activity in there homes and businesses. North East Paranormal Society was formed in 2005.  As the leading paranormal team in New York’s Capital District and greater northeast area, they have continually developed their knowledge, skills and expertise involving the paranormal while employing proper protocols, applying logic and using common sense.  JOIN THEM FOR THEIR INTRIGUING PANEL SAT & SUN.

Carter's Crazy Corner: Collectibles and Costumes

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Pseudo Ludo

Fairy Oddmother

Unique Creations By Barb

Mimi's Magical Emporium

Zombie Gentleman

Qumran Taj, or "Q" as most people know him has spent a lifetime searching for the spiritual truth behind all faiths and philosophies. His journey has taken him down both familiar and fantastic paths. He has been a Christian minister, Pagan high Priest, Wizard, spiritual guide, professional Life Coach, motivational and inspirational public speaker, published author and self-empowerment mentor.  *Be sure to stop at his table early in the game as he does stay busy all day for readings.*

Witchy Woman Images by Lim

Evolution Comics

Wicked Sensations

Carved in Wood

The Real British Butcher

Dr. Vondrake's Waxworks & Curiosities - Always visit this vendor table as there's always something extra special to share.

Deeangelys Colon - Trans Psychic Express The Ride Beyond The Other Side

Sensing there was something unseen yet present around her since early childhood Deeangelys realized later on visitations and experiences from the dream state were more than just dreams. In time, she began to develop, learn and expand her energies and abilities to psychically connect. Experiences with those on the other side became stronger and more "concrete". *Be sure to stop at her table early in the game as she does stay busy all day for readings.*

Lost Graves

Maggie Martin Artwork


Loren Molloy - Award Winning Author

Horror Persona:  The British Butcher

Atomic Annie's Accessories

*Art Of My Focus*

One for sorrow. Two for joy.
Three for your girls. Four for your boys.
Five for Silver Six for Gold.
Seven for a secret never to be told.
Eight for your body. Nine for your soul.
Ten for your corpse rotting in a hole.
Eleven for your blood. Twelve for your wealth.
Thirteen beware it's the devil himself.

The British Butcher will be making an appearance at the Market both Saturday & Sunday for photo-ops and offering goods like the Jerky...Is it Jerky? Hmmmmm...


Mass Grave Pictures

Mistress Rae's Decadent Designs

Antisocial Jewelry Co.

Brutal Squid

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Author: Daniel Braum

Once Upon A Con-Artist

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