Come meet Luna C. Grypt and pass the time with games of chance and skill including backgammon, manqala, faire quel, and others. Perhaps you'd like to make a wager. What will you offer? A cherished memory, a year of servitude, or maybe even your soul? Either way, enjoy yourself knowing the game will come to an end -- eventually.

Shannon Cardinuto has been a hairstylist for 15+ years. Her passion is doing different kinds of updos to make people's inner beauty shine out loud! Shannon will be doing different styles for all our special moms!

Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt  /  Bingo  /  Backgammon

Witches Tools Lore -vs- Real Use

Come sit with the Gypsy and learn the real difference between the lore behind witches tools and the real reason they are used. A silver spoon can be more useful than you think. 
What 4 reasons you should always put a broom by the door? What does it mean when spoons fall on the floor? Why you should never blow out a candle?
Why you should only hold the middle of a pitcher handle?


Moms Get Glam Zone directed by Geeks Get Glam

Panel #1 - Long Island's Haunted Locations


Panel #2 - Equipment needed for your paranormal investigation focusing on Video/Photo/Audio. 


The Art of Henna

Hand Massages by Donna

Henna has been used to adorn women’s bodies as part of social and holiday celebrations since the late Bronze Age in the Eastern Mediterranean. The earliest text mentioning Henna in the context of marriage and fertility celebrations came from the Ugaritic legend of Baal and Anath which has references to women marking themselves with henna in preparation to meet their husbands, and Anath adorning herself with henna to celebrate the victory over the enemies of Baal.

Our henna is hand mixed from an age old family recipe. Always natural, always organic, our recipe is a combination of henna powder, tea tree oil, citrus oils, lemon juice, sugar, black coffee and lavender or eucalyptus oils. We specialize in traditional designs based on the cultural heritage of Egypt, Morocco, India and Pakistan. However, modern designs are welcome and embraced as well. Henna, like dance, is a celebration of life, joy, tradition and beauty. Tribal Dance Long Island and Caravan Connection New York, take great pride in bringing the joy and beauty of henna tattoos across all cultures.

Crystals with Theresa and Shannon

Haunted Sleepy Hollow The haunting tale of the Legend, first penned by Washington Irving in 1819 has left readers fascinated, frightened and wondering…did it really happen? From the location of the Horseman’s grave, to the tree in Patriot’s Park in which a General hung for treason and one of the most famously haunted cemeteries in the world, join Krystal Madison, the Witch of Sleepy Hollow, as she guides you through several of the most haunted locations in the little village just 20 minutes North of Manhattan---Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow, New York.

Krystal spends the year teaching, reading and offering spiritual services. 1:30pm

Henna by Cienna

Gypsies have been known the world over for their ability to tell the future. Through many means tea leaves, tarot, crystal gazing, smoke, stones, corn and even bones. Gypsy Rose has been taught by her grandmother traditions that have been handed down from woman to woman through there family line. Old traditions that have been taught on the island of Puerto Rico for many years. Come sit with her and hear truths of why things are done and maybe learn what the future hold for you, Or stop by and purchase the Reiki infused Chakra oils made by hand and selected personally for you. Learning divinations from my grandmother since I was 10 years old, and over 20 years experience reading tarot, tea leaves, ash, stone, bones, corn and many other forms of oracle reading tools. Certified Reiki Master, Certified to do Aura adjusting and cleansing, A Certified Ordained Minister and Priestess of Avalon, and a member of Temple of Eternal Light certified to do house blessings and cleansings.

Theresa and Shannon of Crystal Clarity have been in the paranormal field for many years. Over that time, they have harnessed their love for crystals and stones for protection, love, prosperity, and peace. At this event, they will be offering advice and crystals to helps mom's of all kinds; from New Moms, to Empty Nesters. Moms will get a chance to choose a stone to take home.

Learn all about creating a character's costume and concept from scratch with our dear cosplayer, Dark Mother. Stay as colorful or as dark as you are visualizing and learn about sewing techniques, using raw materials, staying in budget, business, and more. 


Come hang with your Glam Fam!
Geeks Get Glam is a Long Island based Geek-Chic styling services. We create pop culture inspired braids and hair styles, as well as provide glitter hair, hair stenciling, and nail decals. Geeks Get Glam is owned by Danielle D’Alessio, who has over a decade of experience in the hair industry as a stylist, educator, vibrant color specialist, and bridal expert. Stop by Geeks Get Glam for a style and experience your personal Geeky Glam Squad!

Dark Mother

Guests & Events

Gypsy Rose

Feel the positive energy from her finger tips as she massages your hands. Donna has been an inspiration for all the years we've had her on the TwitchTwitch Productions Team. Now she offers her time and energy once again during her hardest journey yet battling Breast Cancer. Moms will love her and want to revisit her even after the event is over.

This Zone is for everyone however, Moms will have an identifying bracelet that will allow them services at no cost as a Mother's Day Special. If you wish to leave a tip for the person who offered the service you're welcomed to do so and Thank You in advance.

Moms Get Glam & Pampering Zone

Open "Ask the Gypsy Metaphysical Questions"

Gypsy Rose will open up the floor to your question but prepare yourself for your answer.

Dance Contest – $20 Cash Prizes for Judged Winners       2:45pm to 3:15pm & 5:00pm to 5:30pm

Krystal Madison - The Sleepy Hollow Witch

Long Island Paranormal Investigators - L.I.P.I.


Standing Tall & Ready For Photos! Accepting Donations For The Carol Baldwin Center Breast Cancer Patients Where The Event's Organizer Receives Chemo Treatments! 

Beauty by Britney Ann

Quick Hair by Shannon


Oracle of Spiritual Visions

Glitter Lips! Eye shadows! Stop in at Britney Ann's Booth Moms!