Dec 9-10 

Old Bethpage Restoration Village

1303 - Round Swamp Rd, Old Bethpage, NY


Bizarre Flea Market 11:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday Class Session 11:00am - 7:00pm

Yule Gathering Party at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel Plainview, NY 18+ 8:00pm - 11:30pm

Sunday Younger Wizards 8+ 11:00am - 5:00pm

All Pomynauk Academy students have access to ALL parts of the Bizarre Haunted Flea Market event as part of your passes taking place at the same time on the property. Your schedules will allow for time to shop and take pictures.


It will be COLD out and you do need to walk from one class to another and back again so dress warm. You may already know that we use HATS at this academy because it keeps our most secretive incantations concealed from other wizards. Use this opportunity to bring out your hats, especially Top Hats, robes, and your goggles for your Short Winter Session.​​ This is a special invite Pomynauk Session being offered first to those students who attended class back in July 2017. Please check your emails first as there are extra details in that email you won't want to miss. All returning students will have ONLY until Sunday, November 26 to purchase your "SPECIAL" Pomynauk tickets before the rest are released to the public for purchase on the Monday, November 27. There will only be 4 classes for students running from 60 to 90 minutes. Again, remaining seats not purchased by Sunday, November 26 for returning Pomynauk students will then be offered to the public on Monday, November 27.

​​$30/Pomynauk Winter Short Session:  Total of Four (4) Classes each day (60 - 90 mins)

Access to the Bizarre Haunted Flea Market Event and Yule Party on Saturday for those 18+ of age.

Professor Lilith - Defense Against the Dark Arts - Advance - Saturday Adults / Sunday (not advance)

Duels!  Spell Bags!  A Wicked Professor!  Do Right By Her Class Or You Will Feel Her...Touch!

Sirius Black- Death On Swift Wings - Saturday Only 
From demonic dolls to Ed Geins cook pot, curses and cursed objects permeate our history. Anywhere there is belief in magic, there are tales of the evil eye, cryptic tablets, and warding talismans. Join us for a cross section of historical curses and the horrific events linked to them.

Sirius Black
- Escapology - Sunday Only

Learn the basics of how to extricate yourself from various restraints made from rope. This course offers a good basis for wizards interested in career Escapology.

​Professor Hooch - The Ghostly Order - Saturday Only
Every school of witchcraft and wizardry throughout the world has it's resident spirits. Learn about the ghosts of the area and partake in a ghostly parlour game or two. (Madame Hooch is substituting for Lady Grimoire's ghost as she was called away for the Headless Hunt this year)

Professor HoochGremlin Defense for the Home and Factory - Sunday Only
Ever since World War 2, Gremlins have been a problem. Beginning with munitions factories in India and spreading rapidly across to Europe and the Americas, the little buggers have been crossing wires, switching cables and moving important papers and items around. 
Madame Hooch will share with a few tricks learned during the wars as well as a new spell for home defense of these little menaces!

Professor Krampus - Captured Intentions - Saturday Only

There are many negative thoughts that wander through the mind but that just keeps us from staying focused on the good...even Krampus knows this. After spending the Summer Pomynauk Semester on the grounds he realized the importance of "letting go" those intentions that can hurt. Join Krampus and allow him to show you the way. 

Professor Lindevald - Calling Things Into Being! Sunday Only 

Enchant your hats or other personal item to call forth the heightened power of our imaginations, and then apply your magical minds to create a group story, and a group song.  Your chosen hat or personal item remains enchanted for use in your endeavors, and for decision-making, beyond the academy.





Once we know about new venue and date we'll let you know.

A New Academy... A New House... A New Experience!