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Steve Merlo's UNSEEN


Directed by Steve Merlo, Produced by Adam Ginsberg, Addison Ginsberg

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In the aftermath of an unknown disaster, a mentally unstable man attempts to satisfy his conscience while tormenting a woman with an abusive past.



The Sawyer Massacre: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Fan Film

Directed by Steve Merlo, Executive Producers Adam Ginsberg, Addison Ginsberg

While recovering from the loss of someone close, Jimmy's friends bring him to the Texas countryside to escape city life. In need of supplies for their cabin, they ascend to a gas station where they are directed to find their supplies at an isolated farmhouse. The property is not as it seems. They find themselves hunted by a cannibalistic psychopath with an arsenal of violent tools at his disposal. If any live through the nightmare, they'll wish they hadn't. 

The Sawyer Massacre
Long Island Serial Killer

The Long Island Serial Killer aka The Gilgo Beach Murders

Directed by Joseph DiPietro, Produced by TwitchTwitchProductions, Starring Adam Ginsberg


In January 2013, I decided that the idea that a missing escort could have a panic attack and coincidentally die of exhaustion in an unknown serial killer's dumping ground for murdered escorts was so bizarre that it warranted a movie. Being a fan of cheap 70's exploitation films based on true crimes [movies like THE ZODIAC KILLER (1970), and JACK THE RIPPER (1976)], I decided to bang out one about about the Long Island serial killings. I spent the next few months writing a script with a guy I worked with at a restaurant. We chose to use some of the general situations but stayed clear of looking into the real victims, instead creating our own, who I focused on humanizing instead of exploiting. I started the film like a classic horror slasher with the murder of a nameless victim, and then tried to subvert that element of the genre while still paying homage to the films I love. Other than that I wasn't trying to reinvent the wheel, and just wanted to kick out a feature inspired by true events, for very little money. I posted about the idea online and a guy named Adam Ginsberg contacted me offering to help me make it and brought me Howard Simon to help. We assembled a bare bones crew and a cast of non-union actors. In August of that year we shot the film in 10 consecutive 18 hour days in countless locations around NYC without getting permits (I did however insure the production). I edited it in a month and we premiered it under the title THE GILGO BEACH MURDERS at Anthology Film Archives that November and also screened it at a Long Island theater. The film was picked up by a small distributor in 2015 and released as THE LONG ISLAND SERIAL KILLER in a cut version that eliminated some characters and replaced some of the music, and played more like a modern horror picture than my original 70's-vibed true crime thriller/soap opera. We didn't really make any money, so when the contract expired, instead of watching a couple dollars trickle in here and there from digital download purchases, I decided to give this film out for free. I'm sure it will get bashed because that's what people do, but just maybe a couple people might appreciate what I did on an ultra low budget with a few awesome dedicated strangers in the summer of 2013 in New York.

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